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    Castle Casa de la Vall

    • Andorra la Vella, Andorra
    • Castle Casa de la Vall$$
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      The beautiful name of "House of the Dales" hides an ancient castle, built of rough stone in the old quarter of Andorra la Vella. Build a castle noble family Busquets in the XVI century, the so-called Catalan style rural architecture, Simply put, as the Catalan manor.

      In 1702, the decision of the Land Council castle became the property of Parliament. It is a place of its meetings. And the building itself is massive, but at the same time easy, crowned with towers and battlements, recognized the cultural and historical value of Andorra.

      This is a fairly common building not just retains flavor of ancient times and remember history Andorran settlement, this building by going into public ownership, perform an important political function.

      The castle is open to the public. And in the course of the tour you can admire not only the hall of the General Council, which held hearings, but also look to the kitchen, where there is an old utensils, interesting in all respects.

      Complex mansion Casa de la Wali form several buildings - the only court in the country Sala de la Dzhustisia, beautiful Philatelic Museum, and is located near the Chapel of the Holy Armenola who regularly visit members of the board. Opposite the Casa de la Wali, in honor of the signing of the new Constitution of Andorra in 1993, was installed the original monument.

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