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    Church of St. Eulalia

    • Encamp, Andorra
    • Church of St. Eulalia$$
    • +376 833 551
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    • Church of Sts. Eўlalіya - ancient medieval Christian shrine, whose story begins back in the XI century. It has a Romanesque origin, although it was rebuilt several times in the XVII and XX century.

      Church of Sts. Eўlalіya located near the museum of sacred art in the village of Saint Eўlalіya Villas, west of the town of Encamp, Andorra center. In it you can see the oldest in the country lombardzhiysko-Romanesque bell tower dating from the XI century. Her height - 23 meters.

      Special attention in the interiors of the church deserves a baroque altar, new stained glass windows by Andorran architect Augusto Rios. In the church, you can visit the Museum of the Holy Eўlalіya, which holds sacred relics, which date from the XIV-XX century.

      Church of Sts. Eўlalіya can freely visit in July and August. In the rest of the year, trips are made only by prior agreement.

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