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    Sala del Konsell

    • Andorra la Vella, Andorra
    • Sala del Konsell$$
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      Sala del Konsell - it is the seat of government of Andorra, which was founded at the beginning of the IX century in the region of Bari Antykov. The building was built in the traditional style Pyrenean architecture and located in the city center. At first it belonged to a local noble kind and then for then passed from hand to hand, rebuilt several times and finish building.

      In 1702, the appearance of the residence took its final form, and the building was granted the status of the Palace of the Parliament of Andorra. From 1761 it began to be considered the official residence of the Government of Andorra. On the upper floors of the building houses the Museum of filatelistki that enjoys extraordinary popularity among tourists and locals. Not far from the building is the Sala de la Dzhustisia - the only country in the courthouse Andorra. Separate room Sala del Konsell is reserved for halls of the museum of local life.

      Each year, the Andorran Parliament building attracts tourists with its attractions. Thousands of people come here to enjoy this magnificent monument of architecture.

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