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    Lake Engolasters

    • La Bartra, Andorra
    • Lake Engolasters$$
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      Engolasters Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Principality of Andorra, which is located in the town of Encamp. Lake is located at an altitude of 1616 meters above sea level, among dense forests, and you can reach it by prakladzenamu route and the steep slopes overlooking the surrounding valley of Encamp.

      Mysterious lake led to the creation of legends, one of which says that the stars, admiring the beauty of the lake, got into it, and it became prisoners. But the legend does not stop tourists, and vice versa - attract more bolshe.Nedaleko from the lake, at an altitude of 1500 meters, is the church of St. Michael, which according to the documents, was built in 1176. According to legend, before the church was located in the small village nearby, and then was moved to the spirits of the lake.

      Between the lake and Engolastersom Encamp cable car, length of 6.2 kilometers. If you want to ride on it, you can see the beautiful scenery of the lake and the valley.

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